Hiring Talent

Managing clinical trials increasingly requires agility, flexibility, and the know-how to connect with a workforce whose preferences are changing.

RapidTrials puts our experience and deep industry relationships to work as we boost site and study performance. Using tested methods to strategically assemble the finest talent and teams in the industry, we produce measurable results that matter, expediting patient access to groundbreaking treatments.  

With a proven legacy, we boast unparalleled results to accelerate your clinical trials.

De-risk your trials with a trusted talent partner.

RapidTrials can help you build an entire department or augment your research center study teams with temporary personnel. We specialize in…

Providing remote clinical data coordinators to eliminate data management backlogs.

Finding centralized, virtual clinical research coordinators to support decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and registry studies.

Creating custom networks of physicians and healthcare providers to prescreen potential study participants when direct-to-patient advertising isn’t appropriate or effective.

Identifying exceptional clinical research talent and leveraging our data-driven capacity forecaster to optimize the skills and competency mix required for the study setting and duration.

Accessing a global pool of highly qualified clinical research and healthcare professionals adept in meeting performance and stringent regulatory and quality assurance standards.

Mitigating hiring risks and avoiding turnover costs by collaborating with our talent management specialists, who are intimately familiar with the intricacies of clinical trials.

Streamlining time to hire, compliance, and onboarding by taking care of logistics and training details.

Processing Global Payroll

Scaling a dedicated team effortlessly under an agile and cost-effective RapidTrials model that helps you grow and augments the team when and where you need it most.

Fill these vital clinical research positions and more.

With access to tens of thousands of specialized life sciences and healthcare providers, we carefully screen candidates based on your needs, ensuring that they are being met by talent with the right skills and experience—temporary contractors, direct hires, or part-time and full-time staff.

  • Principal investigators
  • Sub-investigators
  • Research nurses, study nurses, nurse practitioners
  • Clinical research coordinators
  • Research pharmacists
  • Psychometricians
  • Patient recruitment and retention specialists
  • Patient escorts
  • Social workers, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, nutritionists
  • Clinical data coordinators
  • Data abstractors
  • Healthcare professionals

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