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A trusted career partner, we create career opportunities that align with your goals and competencies. A happy worker will stay in a position longer, and our goal is to help you find the job and employer that is the right match for you.

Flexible Positions for Life Sciences Companies, Pharmaceutical Service Providers, and Medical Research Sites

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Employers hire RapidTrials to find the right individuals based on your unique skills and experience, along with your work preferences and availability. RapidTrials is committed to providing you with the following:

A Personalized Approach

We work to understand your unique skills and aspirations. Our team works closely with you to align with your career goals.

Industry Expertise

With deep roots in the life sciences sector, we provide insights and guidance to help you make informed career decisions

Access to Specialized Roles

Find the ones that match your scientific expertise and interests.

What Contractors Are Saying...

I have some experience working with different recruiters and staffing companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, and most of them are very unprofessional. Rapid Trials was completely different; the people there are incredibly knowledgeable and care about filling positions and finding the right people to do the job.

Communication was consistently effective; I was always able to find someone to give me support - whether it was a technical thing or a complicated issue. All the requirements for hire were reviewed effectively, quickly, and respectfully. It was also easy to manage timesheets, and payments were always on time.

Additionally, they were flexible with my full-time work schedule. I would go back and work with Rapid Trials immediately. To me, they are the only contracting company that has evolved with the job market, and they care about the needs of their people.
Placed in multiple roles for several contract positions in the United States
Throughout my time working under your leadership, I gained valuable experience and skills that I believe are directly transferable to the responsibilities of the Clinical Monitor position. Your guidance, mentorship, and the opportunities you provided me have been instrumental in shaping my professional growth.
Hired by RapidTrials as a clinical data coordinator for a complex oncology study in the United States
Thank you for the trust and opportunity you have given me. This year has been focused on self-improvement.
PhD in Clinical Pharmacology
Hired by RapidTrials as a Clinical Research Coordinator For Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials in Spain.
You're amazing, thank you so much.
Master of Emergency Medicine
Hired by RapidTrials as a clinical research coordinator in Israel
It was a great experience! The Sponsor, PI and Study Coordinator were all very nice. I especially enjoyed working with the patients and learned much about the whole process. Hope that I represented RapidTrials well. Thank you again for the opportunity. Looking forward to more clinical trial work in the future!
Dermatology Resident
Hired by RapidTrials as a sub-investigator for a decentralized clinical trial in the United States
I’m happy to be a part of RapidTrials!
Clinical Research Coordinator
Hired by RapidTrials for multiple contract positions in the United States
It is a pleasure working with you.
Master of Science in Human Genetics
Hired by RapidTrials as a clinical research coordinator in Canada